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Turmeric Powder - Haldi Masala (Cold and Cough)

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Originated from the roots of Malegaon where they worship the halad trees, delivered to your doorstep with its natural essence and in 100% natural form. Our Haldi Powder is naturally hand-pounded along with the right mix of cinnamon, cardamom, dry ginger, and cloves to make its consumption more effective.


The benefits of consuming Indian spices are countless. Consuming these spices in the right amount at the right times is known to be a very effective method for treating cold and cough since traditional times. 

1. Drinking Kadha (by mixing our Haldi masala powder with hot water) will help improve immunity.
2. Haldi Dudh (by mixing it with hot milk) is a traditional home remedy for cold & cough.

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