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Tea Masala

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Any tea is incomplete without tea masala in it. 

Introducing to you, Rajkamal Tea's pride - Our very own blend of cardamon seeds, cinnamon, black pepper, dry ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. 

It is a 100% natural blend of these powerful Indian spices mixed in the right proportion set to make your morning & evening tea strong; the Indian way. We bet you will love every sip of your tea even more.

Alternate uses:

1. Ukala - Use 3-4 pinches of Rajkamal Tea's Tea Masala in boiled milk to make a strengthening Ukala drink.

2. Use 1-2 pinches in hot water and drink to treat cold & cough instantly

Pro tip: Mix the masala with your tea after you have poured the tea in your cup or after turning the gas nob off. Boiling it on the gas stove will make it lose the natural tattvas present in our Indian spices due to heat.