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Jaggery Powder

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Looking to switch from Sugar to Jaggery?
Let us help you to cement that decision of yours.

Here are some benefits of switching from sugar to jaggery for daily consumption;

1. It is a rich source of iron, hence making it an ingredient to improve digestion and gut health.
2. Consuming jaggery is considered to be a natural source of warmth and hence is considered as a good home remedy for cold and cough.
3. Is a good substitute for sugar and can be used in almost every dish avoiding sugar.


1. Replaces sugar in daily uses like tea, coffee, haldi dudh as a healthier substitute.
2. Even sweets like Rasgullas, cakes, etc can be made with jaggery powder instead of using sugar.

Pro tip: Use jaggery powder after you have poured tea or coffee into the cup. Boiling the jaggery powder or using it while with the gas flames on will not yield the best result or taste.